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We specialize in “to-the-point,” client based law.  In our divorces we pay special attention to your goals, concerns and objectives and tailor our legal services and advice to fit you.  We honor each client’s unique life and when applicable, we focus on resolution that serves the children’s best interest. We are not a mother’s rights, or a father’s right’s firm as much as we are a child’s and client’s rights firm.

Lauren has also focused on tax and corporate law for the majority of her career.  Her specialty is small to medium sized corporations that have already incorporated and need the advice of an attorney and guiding start up businesses through the “ins-and-outs” of starting a corporation.  She understands that although you are fantastic at your trade, service or business law, taxes and the extraneous issues involved in business start-up can be tedious.

Divorce and Family Law
Divorce and the aftermath of divorce can be emotionally exhausting especially when there are children involved. Whether you seek a divorce or to modify part of your divorce, a change in your current orders or you require a strong, hard working compassionate advocate. A divorce is actually two part. Part one is the legal divorce. Part two, is your emotional divorce. I am committed to navigating the legal divorce for you in a way that best suits your style.  I will provide you resources to help you rebuild your personal life and to help you coach your children through what can be a very scary time for them. I am committed to honoring your experience as unique and to treat it with the dignity it deserves. I offer committed, efficient and resourceful legal options. My focus is to keep legal involvement minimal by keeping conflict down and your resolution as my ultimate goal.
Corporate and Tax
I have a passion for corporate law. Creating corporate entities, cleaning up corporate entities and performing general counsel duties for my corporations has long been a passion of mine. It allows me to create a unique entity with my client’s goal as the muse. It is exciting, dynamic and rewarding legal work. Thinking outside the box and being able to say, “Let me think about how I can make this happen for you,” is my goal and my commitment.I have been resolving tax liability for the last decade. I represent businesses and individuals with their tax debt. I have represented the gamut from major rock stars, to ditch diggers. Negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain a fair and realistic resolution for my clients is my goal.


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